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S. Arya Gopal

Senior Research Fellow (CSIR-UGC)

Research Interest:

Mechanistic analysis of oxygen reduction reaction on Fe-N/C catalysts - A bottom up approach to study the active acites. 


Anook Nazer E.A.

Senior Research Fellow (iPhD)

Research Interest:

Metal-free oxygen reduction reaction electrocatalysts - A synergistic effect of boron and nitrogen heteroatoms on carbon catalysts

PhD & IPhD Students


Anjana J.

Senior Research Fellow (iPhD)

Research Interest:

Electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction reaction from the polymer based carbon materials

B. Shankar

Junior Research Fellow. (iPhD) 

Research Interest:

Development of electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction reaction and water electrolysis using first row transition metal based MOFs and interstitial compounds

Parvathi V G

Junior Research Fellow (GATE)

Research Interest:

Bifunctional Electrocatalysts for Zn-air battery using perovskite-carbon based materials

Project Students

N. Nitish

Project Assistant

Research Interest:

Development of new electrocatalysts for the oxidation of 5-hydroxymethyl furfural to Furan dicarboxylic acid

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